How to stop the ringing sensation in the ears

by Dr Sanjay Pisharodi 1 Jun 2012 03:44 PM

This is medically known as tinnitus. It is one of the most irritating symptoms for any patient. There is constantly a ringing sound in the ears which makes the person very irritable. Unfortunately there is no cure for this in modern medicine. There are some methods like masking the sound with white noise and so on. But this is not a cure.

Chinese medicine says that it is due to excessive wind in the ear which is the sense organ of the coldness energy. Ayurveda says that it is due to the vitiation of vata or wind energy in the body which has a tendency to concentrate in the ear. So essnetially both are speaking about the same thing - WIND. The interesting thing is that though there is no cure in modern medicine, it is so easily treated using traditional medicine.

In Chinese medicine tinnitus can be eliminated by removing the excess wind using needles. In ayurveda also it can be done by herbs and medicated enema procedure which is called basti. We can also treat tinnitus using yoga asanas that are vata reducing. This treats the root cause of tinnitus and it will not return. If tinnitus is not treated in time then the excess wind in the coldness or vata energy will start causing degeneration and eventually resulting in deafness. Once the degeneration happens there is little we can do to bring the hearing back. So if you have tinnitus then act quickly and remove it from the root!


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